LUXX Tools



Manou the Swift“, a LUXX Film Production made by LUXX Studios.

Since 2011 we developed a lot of great tools for our running projects. We build simple and very complex max scripts, Nuke tools with specialized features and a bunch of heavy standalone tools with the main goal to make our work more easy for artists, producers and Visual Effects Supervisors. The tools are refined every day and we extend them for each project. At the moment we build our complete animation feature film pipeline for “Manou the Swift” on 64bit management tools to handle thousands of shots with ten thousands of Tasks, Feedbacks, Storyboards, Preview clips, Royal Render Jobs and more. We decided to design our own hand tailered tools to be faster, more flexible and more powerful on productions.

In this section we want to show a glimpse of it. If there is enough interest we will consider selling them. A few of them will be available for free download.


For feedback or questions on LUXX Tools, please use JUST this email address:

Please be patient on replies. Our main priority is always the work we love.

Let’s start simple:

3dsMax Tools:

LUXX Preview: A simple tool to generate Screenshot grabbed Animation Previews with Motion Blur and 3dsmax Nitrous Viewport Display Driver.