LUXX Tools: LUXX Preview

LUXX Preview: A simple tool to generate Animation Previews with Motion Blur and 3dsmax Nitrous Viewport Display Driver. For use in 3dsmax 2015.


Short Explanation: Nitrous Viewport increases the viewport speed in 3dsmax and get better in each version. Since the very first Nitrous Viewport version there is no possibility to make a viewport preview WITH Motion Blur baked in. This is still possible with Direct3D but our Artist prefer the newer Nitrous mode. For our Feature Animation movie “Manou the Swift” it is essential to see the animation of the fast flapping wings to judge the animation before we send the job to the Royal Render farm. So we developed our own system.
For Tech People: We have a max script which controls all the settings and send out a bunch of temp in between frames to a preview folder. At the same time the max script starts an external Python EXE file which collects the temp images and starts to do burn ins for text and multiplies tick frames to a final preview frame with motion blur. Then it deletes the temp files and you can watch the new frames with pdplayer, for example.
The package is not so small, because our Python module use some image libraries to do the image processing with overlay and multiplications. Our main goal is to get the tools working for us internal, so we did not spent time in possible size reduction. We improve the tools all the time, so it is easier to keep some maybe needed files for the future development.



History: Here you can find a history of your Preview files. If you make a preview without changing the name of the scene file, the old frames will be overwritten. When you do an incremental save as a new version, the new preview goes into a new folder, the old preview will not deleted and can be simple selected with the history drop down box. Please use the Settings button to define a Preview Temp Folder for all of your previews.
Preview Range: you can do a preview of the active time segment or just a few frames or range. Because we save single frames out, you can do just a short animation change in your scene on 20 frames and overwrite those 20 frames as preview. Then watch the full shot again.
Play: starts the loading of the actual Scene in the history drop down with Pdplayer, if you use something different, please go to Settings and adjust the preview main folder and the Play Command Line for your need.
Explorer: opens the actual preview in Windows Explorer.
Preview Range: should be self-explaining.
Motion Blur: on /off: The steps tells the tool how many in-between steps will be done. More steps, better Motion Blur quality. Keep in mind that it will take longer for the preview generation. For Example: you have a sequence with 100 Frames and use 10 Steps, then for each frame there will be calculated 10 in between Steps, all together 1000 Frames will be grabbed, processed and condensed back to 100 final preview frames.
Short Note: Frames and name of the scene file will be burned in anyway, but you can add something to burn in.
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LUXX Preview Script

We do not take any responsibility for any error or problems with our tools. We keep all rights of the tools and you use them on your own risk.