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recent projects:


Oscar -Grand-Budapest-Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel won 4 Oscars ! 

Congratulations to Wes Anderson and his Team! We are especially proud of the Oscar for Production Design since our VFX work was melting in well with it. We are happy to be part of ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and celebrate the 4 Oscars with you.




The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Is opening the BERLINALE 2014. Congratulations to Mr. Wes Anderson and the whole Team. Thank you Henrik Fett and Marc Driscoll for entrusting us to do the work on high creative level and provide full facility service. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Thank you to our fantastic team at LUXX Studios:
Andrea Block, Christian Haas, Alexander Hupperich, Zoran Kazic, Nico Pellkofer, Ralph Segi, Thorsten Rienth, Tristan Lilien, Michael Desnoyelles, Allan Morel, Dirk Stoppe, Julian Hillebrand, Julia Widmann.



White House Down_crop_2White House Down

Thank you Roland Emmerich and Sony Pictures for choosing us. Thank you Volker Engel, Marc Weigert and Julia Frey for your supreme guidance and brilliant expertise. Thank you WHD Team; it was a pleasure to work with you.
Thank you to our fantastic team at LUXX STUDIOS:
Andrea Block, Christian Haas, Max Stummer, Alexander Hupperich, Bjoern Mantelars, Ralph Segi, Zoran Kazic, Nico Pellkofer, Dennis Mueller, Michael Schulz, Moritz Schneider, Marco Wilz, Markus Graf, Thorsten Rienth, Tristan Lilien, Jonas Stuckenbrock, Nina Pries, Andreas Dahn, Ricky Boyce, Dirk Stoppe, Julian Hillebrand, Julia Widmann.




Since 2011 we also specialize in DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of visual effects driven and animation movies with our Partner Company LUXX FILM. www.luxx-film.com